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TGXC One Year Anniversary Giveaway!

This month is the One Year Anniversary of TGXC! As a celebration, we are giving away one Woven Soul Lock Necklace each week in the month of March. In order to participate, here’s what needs to happen:

1. Like TGXC Facebook Page

2. Share the Facebook post on your timeline

3. Help us get to our weekly Page Like goals this month! 
Week 1 = 500
Week 2 = 800
Week 3 = 1,200
Week 4 = 1,500

Good luck and thank you everyone for all of your support the past year! 

Visit our website for details, shopping and more.

Item Details:
Fine silver Woven Soul Lock pendant with a custom 24″ silver toned chain.

In order for participants to receive the free gift, weekly Facebook Page Like goals need to be met. Weeks end on Mondays and begin on Tuesdays. Free US shipping for weekly winners. Any other participant in another country who wishes to participate can do so and pay $11.99 for shipping. No store purchase is necessary to participate. Contest ends March 31, 2014. 


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