Strawberries and Pumpkin with Graham Cracker Smoothie



I’ve been in a pumpkin squash mood this winter so this morning I decided to try my hand at making a smoothie with some pumpkin I had roasted in my oven the other night. The pumpkin squash I used was the kind at the Asian store, not sure on the name but it’s kinda sweet in flavor naturally. Usually, I drink  green tea in the morning so I’ve decided to incorporate that into my smoothie for a pick me upper as well. Here’s the recipe but feel free to adjust amounts to your personal liking. Have fun and enjoy!


3 Strawberries

2″ cube of roasted pumpkin squash

1.5 cups vanilla almond milk

2-3 scoops frozen vanilla yogurt

2 bags Green Tea steeped in 6 oz of hot water

1 whole graham cracker



1. Steep 2 bags of Green Tea in as little water as possible, about 6 oz depending on how much you’re making. In a mug, I added enough hot water to just cover the bags then picked up and dunked the bags a few times to get the steeping going. In the meantime..

2. Break off a chunk of your favorite pumpkin squash roasted and cooled (preferably done the night before) and add this to your blender.

3. Add the strawberries, almond milk, graham cracker, yogurt and green tea. Blend to perfection and enjoy!


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