New Jewelry Items at TGXC!

Here are a few new Hmong inspired jewelry items that have been added to my shop TGXC. I specialize in customizing jewelry based on your personal preferences so if you have any questions or special requests, feel free to email me or send me a Facebook message. Thanks for looking!
1536496_1443794155835368_194875050_n 1535443_1443874039160713_424428388_n 1545029_1443673369180780_1093672584_n 8239_1449816088566508_692469197_n 995280_1443674775847306_1625772354_n 1505464_1459138220967628_974327238_n 1239721_1444421389105978_1249177377_n 1010771_1459182997629817_1385196305_n 1531631_1443798089168308_543219317_n 1554565_1456617031219747_1489026135_n


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