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Customized Soul Lock Necklace


If you are looking for a unique necklace that stands out, make a statement wearing this fascinating piece of Asian Tribal jewelry. It would look great dressed up or casual and is the perfect work to date night accessory. Truly one of a kind, you will fall in love with it!

This amulet is used in several Asian cultures, such as the hill tribes of Thailand, to protect the person wearing it from bad spirits and to ward off evil. Amulets can be worn by babies, children, men and women as necklaces. It features a tribal design reflective of Hmong and Miao hill tribes of southeast Asia. It is hand made containing silver and brass. It measures approximately 3″ x 1″ but may vary slightly due to hand craftsmanship.

This item can be purchased with a different chain or cord type at an additional charge but it comes with a 32″ adjustable black cord. Please specify or contact me prior to purchasing if you are interested in any of the different options.

Chain and Cord Types:
Sterling Silver Chain
Silver Toned Metal Chain

*Notates that there are different colors.

Get this item here.

More styles at TGXC


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