Age Can Do Strange Things To You


This 101 year old grandma started growing a horn on the left side of her forehead and now has another one on the right side. Her youngest of five sons commented that since she’s alone most of the time, they hadn’t noticed until much later. They have tried to convince her to remove them but she had declined offers because they don’t hurt her and she has grown attached to them. Now people visit her and bring her food, making her life less lonely.

“While it is not known exactly what the growth is, it is said to resemble a cutaneous horn. 
The funnel-shaped growths, most of which grow to only a few millimeters, can extend a number of inches, the Mail reports. 

Cutaneous horns are made up of compacted keratin, the protein in hair and nails in humans, and horns, wool and feathers in animals.”

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