Hmong / Life

A Gift For The Poor


This Hmong student recently graduated from college with the support of his poor father. He is the youngest of five boys and his mother passed away when he was four years old as well as a brother due to sickness and lack of rural medical care. His three older brothers stayed at home to help farm and care for the family.

As a child he had to be sent away from home to the city in order to have the opportunity to attend school. He wasn’t a good student, with a 2.9 GPA but wanted to learn so he had to fight for it. He recalls, “If you want to learn, they need to run away just far enough away to school. I admit that I cried.” He had often blamed himself. “Why do we want to learn?”

During his studies, he ate mainly just rice and worked to pay for his tuition up until the money ran out and he was broke. Fortunately, by his third year of college, he received a loan and was able to finish his studies.

He says, “It was like a gift for the poor.”

Information from this article is from the original interview (link below).


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