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Day at the Dog Track ~ Inspired by Bukowski


After reading and loving several books by Charles Bukowski I decided I should go to a track and see what they’re like. The closest one to me was a greyhound race track in Jacksonville, FL so that’s where we went…

I brought my camera with me to try and get some cool shots and damn those dogs are fast. I’m excitedly clicking away and sometimes all I get is dirt mid air. After taking a few shots it’s time to place a bet. I don’t know how this works but I want Bow Chicka Bow Wow (I liked the name and wanted to cheer it).

“Two bucks – to win,” I’m feeling lucky.

I rush back outside to get a good spot for the race and check out my dog. She looks like a winner. I snap a few pre-race shots while I wait with other just as lucky betters. And off goes the bunny on the track, it doesn’t take long for the race to finish as I’m yelling, “Go! Bow Chicka Bow Wow!” and trying to take pictures at the same time. I missed the photo with the winning shot but I won $21, placed First!

I was feeling high and grinning from ear to ear as I looked at the other unlucky sons of bitches. Old men, down on their luck giving me the stink eye. Rooting for the under-dog and winning felt great!

We then ventured into the VIP lounge area – yeah, that’s right, I’m a winner. Actually, we cheated our way in instead of paying $1 for a skybox view with access to food, drinks and AC. I think the tracks were turning me into a cheap scoundrel. All of the excitement in the hot Florida sun made me thirsty for debauchery, beer, and maybe even women but it was definitely time for a hot dog.

This was a very interesting place. They played oldies but goodies through the speakers and it was a very laid back atmosphere. There was a mixed crowd and even a bride with her posse. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, watching people, dogs and drinking beers before heading out on our cruise back home.

Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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