Elementary Pizza


One of my favorite things to make when I’m craving pizza and don’t feel like ordering a greasy mess or dealing with a bunch of dough is this Elementary Pizza. It’s so easy and also great for kids in the kitchen or as party finger food.

Here’s the breakdown in an informal fashion (feel free to adjust and switch out ingredients for anything else you prefer-get creative).

I am on a Gluten free kick so the sliced bread I already buy doubles up as my pizza crust. I keep it in the freezer so to make this I quickly defrosted it in my toaster (you can also do this in the microwave or however you usually do it).

Next, I used my leftover spaghetti sauce as the ‘pizza sauce’ but bbq sauce or anything else in your fridge can be used.

I topped it with diced onions, ham and shredded cheese.

Popped it in my toaster oven (regular oven will work just as well) and melted it all together. This should only take a few minutes so keep an eye on it.

And you’re done! You can serve this with peppers on the side, pickles, salad or any other foods.

The main goal here is that you get creative with your pizza using other fridge ingredients like chicken, alfredo sauce, teriyaki, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc. Leftovers work great! I’ll upload more pictures of different Elementary Pizzas as I make them. Enjoy!

Feel free to share your food porn creations with me via Twitter, Instagram or email.


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