Art In Your Life

Art In Your Life TXM


This photograph was taken in San Francisco, CA a few years ago. I believe it was at the Museum of Modern Art but I could be wrong. These two patrons obviously didn’t know each other but as they sat there watching the screen or resting their feet, I was watching them…and snapped this picture.

Sometimes art is interesting, other times it can be boring. Art changes and styles become popular or lose their influences. I’ve heard people say, “That’s not art!” What is art? Is it not in the eye of the beholder? Is it an expression of one’s thoughts and emotions? Is it a trend for hipsters to latch onto and be artists? I don’t know how it can be defined. I enjoy photography because I am capturing something, whether it’s a moment in time, beauty, ugliness, whatever I feel like putting in my frame at the moment.

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