Sautéed Ramen Noodles


You can do so many things with ramen noodles that it will blow your mind. I’m serious. Ramen is generally reserved in the US as college kids food or broke and need to eat food but among most Asians it is quite heavenly. I actually don’t use the packets of seasoning that come in the individually bagged ramen products. I either make a soup with broth, meat and veggies or concoct a fried noodle dish such as this one. I have upgraded my noodles to this Korean brand that comes in a package containing eight blocks. When boiled the noodles are creamy and absolutely fabulous.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s in this awesome meal and the general steps in an informal fashion.

Start boiling water and add two blocks of ramen noodles to the boiling water. This will serve two to three adults. While that’s going cook the other ingredients but keep an eye on the noodles and don’t over boil.

Sautée two dried Chili’s and two cloves of garlic in vegetable oil.

Next, toss in beef sliced into bite sized pieces or any other meat you prefer.

The first veggie I start with are carrots and these I cook for a few minutes before adding mushrooms and lastly Chinese cabbage with a little bit of water. You can substitute these veggies for any others you prefer.

The flavoring ingredient is Black Bean Garlic Sauce then a splash of vinegar and sliced green onions.

Lastly, toss in the noodles and mix thoroughly. Voila.

Feel free to make your own tweaks to this general recipe. I didn’t add salt or other seasonings because the sauce had enough flavor for me.

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