Food All Day

This is an account of today’s awesome meals. I love food! My Friday night consisted of grocery shopping and yes it was fun. So after Friday night grocery shopping, Saturday morning-ish I have this:


I’m an egg whore.. not a great picture but I wasn’t expecting to write this here blog either. Did some gardening after I got out of bed this morning then made this tasty meal. Sautéed garlic with okra served with an egg over rice and drizzled with seasoning sauce. One of my new favorites!

After jump starting my car that I haven’t driven in weeks, I drop off some lemongrass from the garden at a friends house and chill for a few hours.. only to have to get another jump start. Go cruising to charge my battery up then realize I’m hungry. So…


What do you call the meal between lunch and dinner? It was around 5 if that helps. Well, I had pho and killed it! I love beef pho and get it with rare beef (the soup broth cooks it – for pho virgins), tripe, tendon and brisket. My garnishing ritual consists of Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, lime juice and jalapeños. Then I add fish sauce and sometimes Hoison sauce. I picked this up at a Vietnamese restaurant and didn’t make it in my kitchen but it hit the spot.

Later, because my meal schedules are a little messed up today, while watching Despicable Me (hilarious movie – cried from laughing at one point, but I love cartoons), I think a light dinner is called for because I don’t like going to bed feeling full. It also made a great dinner and movie on the couch meal.


I made these little open faced sandwiches and they were so good I had to share. I toasted a slice of whole wheat bread and split it in half, topped with smoked provolone, ham, tomato and avocado. I later topped it with Greek yogurt because I’m a Greek yogurt whore, as well.

Today’s food adventures have been great and that’s why I decided to write this blog. Hope you enjoyed it!

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